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From its familiar browser-based interface to its elegant flexibility, Bionic Analyzer gives you tools for doing more and doing it faster. Beautiful charts and seamless drill-down capabilities allow for dynamic and interactive reporting—without the need to hire a developer.

Replace Bundled with “Wow!”

Need an alternative to FRx or Management Reporter? Bionic Analyzer puts data from multiple Dynamics GP accounts and ledgers at your finger tips. P&Ls, Balance Sheets, and Trail Balance reports have never been easier to create, present, and share.

Easily Combine GP Companies

Need consolidated reporting from multiple GP Companies? Whether five or 500, Bionic Analyzer seamlessly combines GL, Sales, and Purchasing data from your GP companies, providing you with the unified “Big Picture” you have been looking for.


Central Storage and Delivery

Centrally store and secure reports in one location. Once reports and dashboards are defined, they can be secured and scheduled for delivery. Having a centralized reporting repository makes it easy to have one version of your data; simply add appropriate viewing restrictions to share across teams.

Other Data Sources: You’re Invited

The Bionic Analyzer data structure painlessly integrates with other data sources. Let us help you integrate your data into one comprehensive data warehouse. With our Bionic Analyzer mapping tools, CRM and other accounting systems are gracefully integrated into the Bionic Analyzer data warehouse.


Same-Day High-Fives!

Choose our hosted solution, and start using Bionic Analyzer tomorrow. Serious. If you’d prefer to install Bionic Analyzer on your server, our customers are typically up and running within a day or two. Customizations and integrations to other data sources can be accommodated as well.

About 10 minutes: That’s how long it takes to learn how Bionic Analyzer can transform Microsoft Dynamics GP data into visually stunning business insight across your organization. Empower your business decisions with an easy-to-use, powerful BI tool today.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us. Let our customers do the talking!

With Bionic Analyzer, we can design any given template in about 20% of the time it takes in our other report writer. It uses the power of pivot tables, which allows me to do custom calculations on the fly and organize data however it’s needed. Bionic Analyzer provides us with an elegantly simple solution.

Arvis Nantz

Bionic Analyzer improves our operating efficiencies and provides end-users with visibility into key business drivers (financials, analytics and customer/product insights) to monitor the health of the business and support our decisions.

Brian Chamblin

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to implement Bionic Analyzer?

Basic setup can be done in a day by one of our engineers.

Which accounting systems are pre-integrated with Bionic Analyzer?

At this time, Bionic Analyzer integrates with Dynamics GP. We are actively working on additional system integrations.

Can I customize Bionic Analyzer? (That is, can I create and save my own views? Data sources?)

Yes, you can create as many views as you like and add data sources. You may also attach to existing data warehouse data in your SQL environment, spreadsheets or SQL queries.

Does it cost more if you have more than one GP company?

No. You may add an unlimited number of GP companies.

Does Bionic Analyzer integrate with mobile devices?

Yes, Bionic Analyzer is compatible with all Android and iOS mobile browsers.

Bionic Analyzer is hosted software, making it easy to get started and cost-effective for your team.


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